Collection: Wood Art

All wood art in this section is created to be one of a kind.  Please note that because everything is handmade and hand painted, what is pictured here will not be EXACTLY what you get.  If you want the colorway or close to what is pictured, then please send a note with your order. 

We aim to create unique pieces, so if you see something and you want it a different size or color, please note so when you order as well.  


Please note that these finished pieces are one-of-a-kind.  We do not take a picture of each piece as it goes for sale.  Because wood grains vary, and your painting is all done by hand (not in a manufacturing plant), what is pictured will most likely NOT be the exact piece you are sent, but it will be similar.

Your piece is unique

If you would like to have a picture sent to you before we ship your actual piece, please contact us after you place your order so that we can make sure we show you YOUR actual piece.  We do our best to list pieces here so that you have something to look at, but we could be uploading pictures non-stop with the rate we create new things.

We appreciate your understanding and patience on this topic and will work with you to make sure you get what you want.

Wood choices

Due to the fact that wood has become so insane in cost, we try to get the best options for wood, while keeping costs down.  You can have your pieces made with whiteboard.  However, we use 1/4″ wood for all our pieces – NO MDF!!

If you want to hang your sign outside, you will want to put a topcoat on it.  We generally do not (unless specifically asked) put top coats on our pieces.  Because many people hang our products inside, we do not take extra steps to prepare them for outside use.  Please contact us if you are wanting this for outdoor use.


The price of acrylic is higher than wood, so please note that your piece will be more in acrylic than in wood.  However, the color and texture will last a long time.  We use the highest quality acrylic.  You can request pearl, glitter and other choices too.  For a full scope of what we have available, please contact us.  This selection will change often due to supply and demand.  We will not be listing choices on line due to the supply chain and availability changing at any given moment.