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Multiple Layered Horse with mane

Multiple Layered Horse with mane

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This Multiple layered horse is a conversation starter!  There are 11 layers in this design!

We do not offer this piece as a DIY kit because it is too easy to break when not put together.  The flowing mane can get damaged or intertwined during transport.  It is very fragile when in pieces.  We suggest getting it natural if you want to do some special touches to it.  This piece is 16′ tall x 14.5″ wide.  However, you can request a custom size if you want it smaller or larger, please contact us directly for a price quote.

Our DIY kits

We cut all the pieces required to make this piece.  Everything is cut from wood so there are variations in colors and textures of the wood.  As a general rule, we use Baltic Birch.  However, if there is an issue with the supplier, we will make sure you get the best quality product to make your sign.  If you are going to be staining and not painting your piece, please let us know so we can do our best to TRY to get your grain showing more on the pieces.  Because we paint the majority of our pieces, grain or imperfections in the wood are not of consideration.  We will not guarantee you anything, because it is wood, but we will do our best.  Contact us if you have any questions or want further information, you can contact us directly.


Please note that these finished pieces are one-of-a-kind.  We do not take a picture of each piece as it goes for sale.  The TN multi layered sign is a perfect example of this.  We hand paint that sky so it is a sunset, sunrise or a blue sky.  What is pictured will most likely NOT be the exact piece you are sent, but it will be similar.


All wood art pieces are custom made as ordered.  We do NOT give refunds on ANY of our wood art pieces!  Once a piece is ordered, we order all supplies or use stocked .  Once they arrive, we start working on the piece within 3 days.  We notify you when materials have arrived, as well as approximate ETA on your piece being completed.  If there will be a delay on your piece, we will call you.  If we cannot reach you via phone.  At that point, if you decide the production time is too long, we will be more than happy to issue a refund.  Once production begins, there is no refund.  We may start production the day you order, but the goal is to start on all pieces within 72 hours of having all materials for the project.  If we cannot make this time line, we contact you immediately.

Requesting Picture of YOUR piece 

If you would like to have a picture sent to you before we ship your actual piece, please contact us after you place your order so that we can make sure we show you YOUR actual piece.  We do our best to list pieces here so that you have something to look at, but we could be uploading pictures non-stop with the rate we create new things.

We appreciate your understanding and patience on this topic and will work with you to make sure you get what you want.

Wood choices

We do NOT use MDF.  However, wood will deteriorate in the elements.  All our products are meant for indoor use only, unless otherwise noted.

If you want to hang your sign outside, you will want to put a top coat on it.  We generally do not (unless specifically asked) put top coats on our pieces because a lot of people want to hang them inside or under a deep porch where there is hardly any exposure to the elements.  

Additional resources

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