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Football trio collection

Football trio collection

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This trio set includes all three pieces.  You pick what backing you want from natural wood to the large array of colors to choose from as well.  If you wish to purchase only one of the above options, please go to that direct option.  We offered all three as a set because we know that many will want the football jersey back for their home, the plaque will be perfect for a bedroom door or inside of a locker!  The split image (half football and half helmet) is one that is loved by many too.  In our initial polling, there was a tie on all three, so we decided to give you a discounted option to get them all.

****Total cost of each piece is $45.00. The wood stand is $15 each. We are selling the trio set, with stands, for $180.00. You get a package deal, when buying the trio, which gives you a discount for the set verses buying each individually. When ordering the trio, all the names, numbers and colors MUST be the same or you have to purchase individual pieces.  We give you stands with each piece in this package order.

**If you are involved in a sports league or a school, please have the person who is in charge of fundraising get in touch with us.  We have a very generous fundraising program!  We also carry other sports lines besides football and adding even more!

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