Collection: Coffee

Our coffee is award winning and has no bitter or sour taste to mask.  That allows you to brew your coffee and not be forced to add sugar and cream.  We generally have our customers taste our coffee black to show that it is super smooth.  Then they can add sugar and cream accordingly.  Most people find they use half (if not less) of the sugar and cream they generally use with other coffee products.

Traditional or flavored coffee?

You can make either or rotate between the two.  Most of our flavored coffee options are perfect for any time of the day.  Some of the chocolate flavors tend to be a little richer, so some people say they prefer them before lunchtime.  

You can get a sample, 1/2 pound or 1 full pound.  We also offer sample sizes but they vary throughout the course of the year.  Please contact us directly for availability on flavors.  We typically do not have all the flavors in sample sizes because we want to rotate them to keep them fresh.  We recommend getting a variety of the samples (they make a full pot) to see what your favorites are.

Never Bitter

When you make our coffee, please do not throw out what you don’t use.  Because we don’t have bitter or sour coffee, it is perfectly smooth the next day, heated in the microwave or on the stove in a tea pot.  We have some customers that take their left-over coffee and put it in ice cubes to mix with milk and make flavored ice coffee.

You can also reach out to us so you can see what samples we have in stock.  Many of our customers will get a pound or 2 of their favorite flavors and then get samples of other flavors to test out.