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Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans

Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans

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These Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans are sold by the bag.  There are over 100 beans per this 6 oz. bag.  We only ship during cooler months.  The chocolate will melt and reduce the quality of our product.  However, we do sell these year-round at our store.

Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans are perfect for when you have headaches and don’t want to take medications.  Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans are also perfect on top of desserts and just to eat throughout the day for extra energy.  They can only be shipped when it is cooler outside.  We sell them at the shop all year, but do not ship during the warmer months.  

Choose if you want 1/2 pound or 1 pound and then which grind you want.  Once you pick the weight and grind option, you will see more information to determine which option fits your lifestyle and wants.

 Currently, we are only shipping to the US. 

Nothing Bitter

When you make our coffee, please do not throw out what you don't use.  Because we don't have bitter or sour coffee, it is perfectly smooth the next day, heated in the microwave or on the stove in a tea pot.  We have some customers that take their left-over coffee and put it in ice cubes to mix with milk and make flavored ice coffee.

You can also reach out to us so you can see what samples we have in stock.  Many of our customers will get a pound or 2 of their favorite flavors and then get samples of other flavors to test out.

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