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Moissanite tennis bracelet

Moissanite tennis bracelet

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This moissanite tennis bracelet is 6 inches.  We have a very limited inventory of this bracelet.  The clasp has a double safety clasp to assure that the 32 stones (3mm each) that total over 3.5 carats will not come off easily!  We are selling this at wholesale pricing so get yours while you can because once they are gone, they are gone!


All our Moissanite products are D color/VVS1 clarity.  They come with full certification ID card.  Each stone is numbered and registered with the GRA.  The setting is silver with Platinum plating because our goal is to give you the best quality but save you as much as possible too!  Please note that we use what is considered the diamond equivalent (DEW rather than CTW- carat total weight) with regard to our stones.  Moissanite weighs less than a diamond, so we go off the equivalent to size because that is what most people are referring to when they talk about a carat.

Metal choices

When referring to metals, some people lean towards gold because jewelers have sold gold as a better metal.  However, understand that 14k and 18k gold contain alloys that have been added to the metals. Many people have allergies to these alloys and are less susceptible to the silver metal itself.  Silver is a metal that is much more cost effective, and it is hard to tell, with the naked eye, the difference between silver and white gold.  So, when looking at jewelry, look at the silver options so you can get the best bang for your money!

Limited quantity

We have decided to close our moissanite division.  Therefore, we are selling off the last of our collections.  You are getting high quality for a very low price because of this.  Take this opportunity to investigate moissanite pricing and understand that the GRA DVVS stones we sell are the equivalent of a “forever one” moissanite sold by Charles and Colvert.  There are other dealers in the US.  However, the quality they have is lower, so beware of shopping by price.


We will put your stone on a diamond tester to show that it actually test as a diamond.  We do have a special tester that will separate the moissanite and diamonds.  However, our stones are super high quality and have fooled even some of the most mastered jewelers!

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