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Louisville Cardinal Go Cards Bracelet

Louisville Cardinal Go Cards Bracelet

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This Louisville Cardinal Go Cards necklace has matching earrings and pin.  This Louisville necklace has a beautiful twisted silver chain.  The little red crystals fill the whole Louisville Cardinal Go Cards pin slogan area.  You will get sparkles in all directions as you wear this piece.  It is perfect for any lover of the cardinals.  We have customers use this for other teams, with the same mascot as Louisville too ?  The necklace is dainty looking but sturdy and solid.

This Louisville Go Cards necklace makes a statement without going over the top.  it is perfect if your team mascot is the cardinals and your not a Louisville fan too!  Makes an excellent gift!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the Louisville cardinal pieces in bulk, contact us and we will work up a quote with better pricing.

 Officially licensed item -Fully Licensed

All our university jewelry is fully licensed.  Most people wonder why this is important.  Despite popular thought, it is a way to add to programs at the schools.  Licensing supports varies programs across school campus, and it protects the logo and branding as well.  Basically, by assuring that we have this certificate, we assure that while you wear these pieces, you are too supportive of your favorite school!  You buy and support your favorite school, that is a perfect support system!


The University of Louisville is located in Louisville, KY.  Pronounced Lu-A-Ville for those of you not from there.  The incorrect way pronounce it is Louis-ville.  It’s a southern thing!  The main mascot is the cardinal and is featured in several of our products.  People buy these pieces because of the beautiful cardinal piece.


The production is complete with quality. You can wear and buy several pieces that perfectly mix and match.  These pieces match well with anything you wear.  You can mix the daily wear options with the college pieces for a new look as well.

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