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Apricot Coffee

Apricot Coffee

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I can probably guess what you are thinking…. Apricot Coffee???? 

Yes – and yessssssssss! This Apricot coffee is amazing, you feel like you have been taken to another planet. 

This is not your average coffee!  No need for a ton of cream and sugar either!  IT IS THAT SMOOTH!  The hint of Apricot will totally change the way you look at coffee!  Try this as a cold brew for that perfect coffee refresher that doesn’t need to be overindulged with cream and sugar, just enjoyed!  It is a soft flavor and just the perfect touch!  This is a MUST have flavor!

 It is so amazingly unexpected and like nothing you will ever buy on the market!!!

The Apricot Coffee is going to be the newest rage in the upcoming years!  I know you are thinking we have lost our minds.  However, when you try this new, amazing flavor, you WILL LOSE YOUR MIND! 

Choose if you want 1/2 pound or 1 pound and then which grind you want.  Once you pick the weight and grind option, you will see more information to determine which option fits your lifestyle and wants.

Currently, we are only shipping to the US. 

Nothing Bitter

When you make our coffee, please do not throw out what you don't use.  Because we don't have bitter or sour coffee, it is perfectly smooth the next day, heated in the microwave or on the stove in a tea pot.  We have some customers that take their left-over coffee and put it in ice cubes to mix with milk and make flavored ice coffee.

You can also reach out to us so you can see what samples we have in stock.  Many of our customers will get a pound or 2 of their favorite flavors and then get samples of other flavors to test out.

Additional resources

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And, if you are local or in the Pigeon Forge/Sevierville/Gatlinburg Smoky Mountains area, be sure and check out our online menu.  You can click here and order everything as you head our direction.  This way your food is ready and hot for you when you arrive!

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