Collection: Upside Down Umbrellas

****What we have showing is all that we have.  There will be no restocking or any other options available.  Once these are gone, they are gone.  If you have thought about getting one of these, now is the time to get them for a gift for a birthday or the holidays or even for yourself!

Why THIS Upside Down Umbrella, verses a traditional umbrella

We are the original patented product, featuring the higher end fabric (no nylon here!), stainless steel tips, double layer with ventilation to help draft hot air away from you (to be used in the sun), UV protection unlike the traditional umbrellas, C hook handle allows you to use your hands fully when using your umbrella, umbrella stands on its own to allow for better drying, fiberglass frame (with no metal) allows you to endure windy conditions, not to mention the various styles to choose from…the original upside down umbrella makes an amazing gift to yourself and others!

Use in the sun…

The top layer of these umbrellas gives you UV protection. It also encourages the heat to move toward it (heat attracts heat), so that you stay 10+ degrees cooler in the sun! There is venting in the lower layer, where the blue dew flower is that allows the heat to move away from your head and flow out the sides of the umbrella. This product is great for outside events where you are sitting in the sun for long periods of time or have children in the sun too! Think of soccer, softball, baseball, football, festivals, fairs, dirt track racing and much more! Carry them on your motorcycle as well so that you can get a break from the sun when you stop!

Use in the rain…

These umbrellas are designed to not get you and your vehicle wet but have so many great features too. The lower layer is the “pretty” side of the umbrella and it is always the dry side. The top layer is the black side and is always the wet side in the rain. Therefore, when you close the umbrella, all the wet layer is on the inside, so you don’t get your clothes wet or have to worry about a baggy!

The umbrella folds upwards so you only need a small opening on the vehicle door to get it out and get inside too. This means your vehicle stays dryer and you don’t look like you wet yourself when you bring it inside. It works great with your home and RV too (tilt the umbrella our slightly, rather than going straight up as you would in a vehicle).

Use as a weapon…

The tips of the umbrella are made from stainless steel and just slightly longer than the tip. This is so that the umbrella can stand up by itself. However, if you are walking with the umbrella, do not wrap up the bottom and you can use it as a weapon. If someone comes at you and you had a traditional umbrella, a would-be attacker could grab it from you and disarm you.

With this umbrella, because of how it opens, when you charge at an attacker, they don’t know what to do with the prongs coming at them. Shove as hard and fast as you can, drop and run! This will throw them off, hopefully, enough to get you away from the situation. We actually had one customer tell us that this worked for them (they were happy to get another umbrella and avoid what could have been a not so good situation!) **Please note that there is a rubber flower on the tip of all our umbrellas to help ground the umbrella against lightning strikes.

How to Clean…

Dump a whole bottle (around $1.00) peroxide in a spray bottle and add 2 oz dawn dish soap. Shake well. Saturate the umbrella (approximately 1/4 bottle of solution). Rub the soap into the fabric. Wait about 10 mins or so and rinse completely. Let it sit overnight and will be dry in the morning.


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