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Big Bass Hat

Big Bass Hat

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This is a serious question that just has to be asked….”Does this hat make my bass look big?”  Everyone who loves to fish must have this!  There are little pieces of glitter spread over the hat so it sparkles and winks as it asks the question!

This Big Bass Hat makes it a little more fun to catch those big fish!  It is a beautiful pink camo with little rhinestones perfectly placed to allow the sun to sparkle off the front image.  The placement of the stones on this big bass hat is just a small touch, without being over the top.  This is why people love this hat!  It allows you to buy something girly and yet flirty or funny!

Hat benefits

This hat is double stitched and very good quality cotton.  It is a hook and loop closure, instead of the snap back style, which makes it nice for putting your hair through the back hole.  It is also nice for hanging on the gear shift when you are traveling across the lake at higher speeds too.

The camo texture allows for flexibility in that you don’t have to worry about getting it a little dirty.  The fabric does breath nicely, which allows for quick drying time as well.

Limited edition

We have very few left so you need to buy these while they are in stock.  Once this design is sold out, there will be no more made like these.  These are a perfect gift for yourself, a friend, wife, sister or anyone who loves to be on the lake.  Even if they don’t fish, this is a perfect lake accessory!

How to Clean…

Dump a whole bottle (around $1.00) peroxide in a spray bottle and add 2 oz dawn dish soap. Shake well. Saturate the big bass hat where it is dirty (or the whole thing). Rub the soap into the fabric. Wait about 10 mins or so and rinse completely. Let it sit overnight and will be dry in the morning.


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